The Tallinn Biennial progresses toward 2022 presenting Animistic Cosmologies as the theme for the second edition and is curated by Anne Klontz and Andra Orn. After successfully completing a pilot phase in 2020, the second edition departs from the desire to encourage knowledge sharing, inclusivity and community partnerships between regions, from the horizons of the Baltic and Nordic countries into the cosmos and otherworldly.

In order to continue exploring and challenging possibilities for presenting contemporary art, the Tallinn Biennial 2022 seeks to nurture a cross-region approach through working with key institution in the Baltic and Nordic regions and to provide a platform of events for bringing established and emerging artists and cultural producers together.

A rejuvenation and a reconnection of these valuable networks is relevant now more than ever as countries seemingly grow more distanced through globalization. Through discussions, presentations, workshops and learning, the vitality of the cultural scene can grow and benefit not only individuals, but function as a stronger, collective entity.

While the biennial is currently in the planning phases, the website will be continuously updated with more information about events and the selection of participating artists.

The Tallinn Biennial 2022 is supported by the Nordic Baltic Art Centre (NOBA) which organizes and promotes multiple projects simultaneously in the regions. The mission of NOBA is to empower art as a medium and bring forth the fruits of the Nordic-Baltic contemporary art scene.