Tallinna Biennaal

The Tallinn Biennial progresses toward presenting Animistic Cosmologies as the theme for the second edition and is curated by Anne Klontz and Andra Orn. After successfully completing a pilot phase in 2020, the second edition departs from the desire to encourage knowledge sharing, inclusivity and community partnerships between regions, from the horizons of the Baltic and Nordic countries into the cosmos and otherworldly.

Avatud konkurss kunstnikele

Open Call For Artists has ended

Kutse kunstnikele

Animism embodies respect for the inanimate, offering a way to look at the world by placing value on one’s surroundings, to prioritize nature and accept that other life forms exist beyond the human and animal. If we take time to look, to listen and to feel, then a portal to the otherworldly can be activated, where alternative realities are waiting to be imagined and discovered.

Võta ühendust seminaridega

The Tallinn Biennial aims to make contemporary art inclusive and accessible to a wider public on a local, national and international level.

In order to accomplish this, we will be organizing contact seminars in the Baltic and Nordic countries during 2022. The seminars focus on education and encourage knowledge sharing between colleagues, institutions and artists.